The management and employees aspire to operate a safe, clean and healthy workplace serving wholesome food that is always safe to eat.


Our primary concern is that the food we serve is prepared to the very highest standards using quality products and ingredients and we will comply with all relevant legislation and approved codes of practice.


To ensure best practice, we have developed a common minimum operating standard and set of behaviours which will be practised at every location we operate. These are based on sound science, regulatory requirements and industry best practise and have been introduced into all our operations.


We will regularly measure compliance against these standards, and implement performance objectives to ensure that the food we provide are safe to eat and meet the quality expectations of our guests.


We will ensure that:


  • Food is always prepared under sanitary conditions that do not expose it to the risk of contamination

  • Stringent procedure in hiring food handlers

  • All employees are provided with the information, training and tools necessary to do their job in a hygienic and compliant manner

  • All employees comply with all company food safety policies and procedures; and all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements and mutually agreed customer requirements related to food safety

  • Management assume the role of supervision of employees for compliance and conformance with these Standards


We will also expect similarly high standards from our suppliers and contractors.