Sabah Society for the Deaf (SSD) is a non-government charitable organization(NGO) in Sabah which champions education, employment and general welfare for the deaf in Sabah. Grandis Hotels and Resorts has been in partnership with SSD for several years. Anyone wishing to contribute to the Society can do so with dedicated donation box at our hotel lobby.

As part of a Corporate Social Responsibility project, Grandis Hotels and Resorts participated in the Charity Bazaar organized by SSD on 6 October, 2019 with the sale of sandwiches, anchovies and buah rojak. A total collection of RM2,325 from the hotel front desk donation box and proceeds from bazaar was subsequently handed over to SSD.

We are glad for the opportunity to once again give our support to Sabah Society For The Deaf (SSD) Kota Kinabalu. A total of RM1, 300 collected from guests and staff was handed to Mr Ng Kah Ghor, President of SSD by our General Manager, Mr Michael Tan.

Mr Ng expressed his appreciation and thanked the hotel for the continuing support for the past 8 years.